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tv   Early Start  CNN  July 2, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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on the run with nowhere to go, the man who exposed america's secret surveillance program breaking his silence, denouncing the united states and asking more than one dozen countries to save him from prosecution. a 48 hour deadline. egypt's first democratically elected leader could be overthrown. the deadliest wildfire in arizona still growing. how the flames are continuing to move as the nation grieves 19 firefighters killed in that blaze. >> so sad.
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good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. i'm poppy harlow. it is 5:00 a.m. here in the east. >> we are going to start with edward snowden with no country willing to hold on. he's been living inside moscow airport for more than a week now. he's having problems finding anywhere to go. this morning, an effort is under way to find a country to offer him asylum. snowden is lashing out with new words, harsh words directed at the president. phil black is live in moscow with the latest. good morning, phil. >> good morning. yes, edward snowden has widened his search for a place to take him. he's extended formal applications to 19 other countries, mostly european, some south american, china and india as well. he has now, for the first time
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since fleeing hong kong issued a public statement. he says his convictions are unbowed and he attacked the united states for using political aggression and fear at blocking his attempts of finding asylum in another country. he says the obama administration is not afraid of whistle blowers like me. we are imprisoned. it is afraid of an informed, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised and it should be. one of the countries we know he applied for, among the group of 19 was russia but he's already withdrawn that because of what vladimir putin said. he could stay as long as he stopped leaking u.s. secrets. he would have to stop his work in harming america partners.
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putin said it sounded strange coming from him because he's a leader that does not actively protect the united states. >> this application process is strange. it's like a college application process sending letters to 19 countries. phil black, where this is developing, appreciate it. we want to go to egypt where the ultimatum for president morsi, the hours are ticking by. he has 48 hours to resolve the ongoing political crisis that brought thousands to the streets or the military will step in. president obama calling morsi from africa on monday, encouraging him to make sure all egyptians are represented in their government. according to a statement, president obama stressed democracy is about more than elections. we have been following this closely.
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reza joins us now. >> reporter: it's down to 24 hours. nobody would have predicted this two and a half years ago. they are inching forth to a part two. two and a half years ago, egypt booted out mubarak. the next president, morsi was elect in a democratic election. the liberals and moderates are gathering against him. they claim he has an islamist agenda. they want him out and they sense they are getting close to doing that. it has a lot to do with a military statement yesterday. this is the front page of today's paper. final warning, the armed forces giving an ultimatum to get together and fix this crisis, otherwise, they will step in and put forth a road mab for egypt's
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future and supervise the implementation. it's not clear exactly what it means. all eyes over the next 24 hours can see what the president does and if he backs down. we are looking at the opposition, protesters behind us, they are continuing to mount the pressure. >> absolutely. so representative of what we saw with the overhaul and ousting of mubarak. we'll watch it closely. thank you, appreciate it. it is the last day of president obama's trip to africa. he met with staff in tanzania and took part in a ceremony honoring americans killed in the 1998 terror bombings there. also in attendance, former president, george w. bush. an interesting sight to see. the first ladies, laura bush and michelle obama participated in a far um as well. it was remarkable to see. the first family is due back in washington. >> nice to see them doing that
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together in remembrance. let's go to arizona where the wildfire that killed 19 members of an elite fire fighting crew. the yarnell hill fires are the deadliest in history. it's burned 9,000 acres so far. arizona's governor ordered flags to be flown half staff to honor the firefighters killed in the blaze. stephanie is live for us this morning. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, poppy. here in prescott, the memorial outside station 7 grows as the town deals with the loss of 20% of this one fire department, lost to a blaze. prescott, arizona, a town where everyone knows each other and everybody here is mourning the loss of the 19 firefighters who died battling the nearby yarnell hill fire. >> the type of people that keep themselves in condition that go five mile sboos the wilderrens
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and put themselves between the fire and you. >> reporter: called hot shots, they were highly trained firefighters. they got close to the blaze, dug a fire line to contain the flames. >> they are the only municipality with a type one hot shot crew in the country. >> reporter: arizona governor, january brewer came to offer her support. >> the yarnell fire claimed more lives of first responders since 9/11. as we honor the firefighters lost that day as they charged into the burning towers, we will remember the brave men of the yarnell mountain hot shots. >> reporter: all 19 deployed their shelters, but it wasn't enough. >> they are made to with handle intense heat for a short period of time. given the circumstances with the heavy fuels and the speed of the fuel, it had to be the perfect
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storm for these guys. >> we don't know the specifics, at this time, of why the events added up the way they did. it's part of the investigation. >> reporter: as the investigation and fire fight continue, the people of prescott are honoring their hometown heroes leaving an array of water, flowers and an american flag outside station 11. >> when it strikes, you have to make a gesture. you have to put yourself in the place of the families and know how much it hurts. >> reporter: these units work in groups of 20. there was one firefighter who was not with the team at that time. he was on assignment doing something else. he survived. everyone else perished. it's important to know the fire is not contained. while dealing with the loss, firefighters are out there battling the blaze. john and poppy. >> thanks to the first responder who is run to danger when we all run away. stephanie, thank you. the conditions there making
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fighting the fire more difficult. it's another day of sering heat out west. temperatures in death valley, california, expected to approach 130 degrees, again. june was the hottest month on record. forecasters got excessive heat warnings through the fourth of july holiday, expecting dangerously hot temperatures. >> back east, this storm system doing plenty of damage in connecticut. it was powerful enough for trees to be uprooted from the ground. it brought down a sports done in windsor, connecticut. two dozen young soccer players were inside. they were able to escape before it happened. >> the whole tri-state area affected. this is west of new york city. no injuries reported after an ef-0 twister, 50 yards wide hit. it was big enough to tear up
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trees in a five-mile path through this suburban area. >> i saw the water twirling in the street. we heard a big bang and the limbs went down. >> all the trees, the house was shaking. >> i heard there was a thunderstorm like usual. i woke up and came downstairs. this big tree was in my backyard. >> it led to flooding in the garden state. look at this. rain falling so fast. cars stranded on highways in new jersey. within hours, the water receded. >> it was crazy weather yesterday. indra petersons is tracking it for us. more coming? >> yeah. that's it, right? put it on paper. we are talking the same pattern. look at the heavy rainfall we saw yesterday. we are talking four inch ofs rain from the midwest to the northeast, stretching down to the southeast. it really is not going to be changeable. we look at where is the high pressure? you can see the water vapor. all this moisture creeping up
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the eastern sea board. that is what we are dealing with as we go forward. what we have to watch is exact positioning of this. clock wise around the high. it pools the moisture. by wednesday, it is shifting farther, closer to the coast, which is unique. you think the coast is going to get more rain. we will see it farther inland. we are going watch the positioning of the high. i think we know, heavy rain is in the forecast. one to three inches to the south. heavier rain, two to four inches of rain possible today. by now, i think we all know that flooding threat remains high on the west coast, high pressure up, we are talking temperatures 20 degrees above normal in the state of washington. spokane, today, 99 degrees. really, i don't have good news west coast or east coast. >> 99 degrees? spokane, washington? >> yes. >> thanks very much. to this question, what goes better with a burrito than $3600
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cash? when they opened their bag, no burrito or salsa. there was a lot of cash. look at this. $3600 worth. it turns out, the trio, they were not hungry, sorry, they were hungry, not greedy. they brought the money back. >> i went to my bag to get the food and it ended up being three bags of money, a lot of money and another wad of a ton of 20s. if we would have kept it, i don't know if that guilt would have stayed with us. now that we brought it back, we won't have to feel guilty about it. >> she's awfully dressed up for the taco bell drive-through. >> she looks great. >> the drive-through attendant wept, cried, so happy they brought it back. >> any idea where it came from? >> must have been the cash register haul, put it in a paper
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bag. >> good karma for life, by the way. >> and they got their food. it's the best treat of all. coming up, the jury hears george zimmerman in his own words telling police how he killed trayvon martin. did his tape, play-by-play, help or hurt his defense? new this morning, incredible pictures. a russian rocket explodes, midair. you have to see this. it's soming up next. sleeping on mattresses pioneered by engineers whose singluar devotion is not stopping until they have given her the best sleep of her life. that's not greta. save up to $500 on the tempur-ergo collection and get your best sleep possible. visit to find a store near you.
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all right. this is some amazing video you have to see. it's from russia this morning. an unmanned rocket carrying navigation satellites, you can see this is not the way it's supposed to go. something is going wrong. it starts to pivot. it goes out of frame for a little bit. then when you see it again, it's
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broken up. it bursts into flames there. crazy, right? amazing pictures to see. luckily, no reports of injuries. further launch is expenned as they try to figure out what happened. the trial of george zimmerman continues in a few hours. officers have been testifying about what zimmerman told police in the days after he killed trayvon martin. the jury heard zimmerman's words for himself. here is george howell. >> reporter: the first investigator to interview george zimmerman took the stand on day six of the trial, doris singleton explained the process. >> it was recorded on a, just a voice recorder that they give us. >> reporter: then prosecutors played the tape. the jury listened closely. >> there have been a few times where i have seen a suspicious person in the neighborhood.
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we call the police, the non-emergency line and these guys always get away. >> reporter: a key witness for the state, singleton said zimmerman agreed to be interviewed without a lawyer. zimmerman dropped his head to the table. >> did he evidence he was angry with trayvon martin? >> no. >> that he had hatred for him? >> no. >> spite or ill will? >> no. >> anything that would suggest to you some type of bad attitude toward trayvon martin? >> no. >> rather, he seemed to be affected by the fact he realized trayvon martin passed? >> he seemed affected by that. >> reporter: one day after the shooting and george zimmerman returned to this neighborhood with lead investigator chris
2:19 am
serino to do a re-enactment. he conducted another interview. in the first statement, zimmerman talked about trayvon martin jumping out of bushes to ambush him. in the re-enactment, he didn't say that. >> did you notice anything to bring to the jury's attention today that caused you concern? >> not that i can articulate, no, sir. >> there was the testimony from a doctor, an fbi audio analyst called to the stand by prosecutors. his focus, the 911 call. it's not possible to determine age or analyze the tape through science, he left one possibility wide open. >> for this particular case, the best approach to be would be
2:20 am
voice recognition by individual who have heard him their whole life. >> reporter: george howell, cnn, sanford, florida. >> thanks to george for that. there's speculation that trayvon martin's mother could take the stand today. cnn will carry the zimmerman trial live at 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> it has been riveting. the army psychiatrist charged with killing 13 people in ft. hood. he is representing himself in this case. the military judge barred him from pleading guilty of charges that could result in the death penalty. the case could begin next week. there's fast and there's wicked fast. like this guy, robert gill of the arizona card nells. he gets up to speed and flies on
2:21 am
the treadmill. they posted this video on youtube, claiming he was sprinting 25 miles an hour. we gave him a break. he couldn't do it for very long. i can't believe he didn't fall off the treadmill. he's 29. that makes him the oldest rookie on the nfl roster. boy, can he run. >> i can't believe what i'm seeing there. it's totally not how i look at the gym. hees been bouncing from team to team. there's speculation the video may help him land with the cardinals there. amazing. coming up, are america's biggest companies dodging taxes? a new report revealing how little some are paying uncle sam. here is a hint. your tax rate is probably higher than some of these big companies.
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grrrrreat outdoors, and a great deal. ahhh let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears. up to 30% off. only at welcome back to "early
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start." it is money time. stock futures are higher this morning, following a winning day. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 started the second half of the year with gains. the dow at one point was up 174 points but closed with a gain of about 65 points. do you like farmville? the man who may have had you checking your livestock from your iphone is stepping down from the company he founded. he says it is time for someone else to take the lead of the company after a very rough year. pincus and his company had popular games like farmville, a facebook phenomena. don may trick is replacing him. shocker here, big american
2:26 am
companies paid on average one-third of the corporate tax rate in 2010. berman is groaning over re. this is according to a government accountability office. they paid an effective tax rate of 12.6% on average in 2010. the federal corporate tax rate is 35%. if you add in state rates, you are at 39.2%. this is because of credits, exemptions, offshore tax havens, the gao coming out saying it was 12.6%. you know probably lower than most of us pay. >> there's nothing like a good offshore tax. >> we haven't had tax reform in decades, so this is what happens. 26 minutes after the hour. coming up, another new york midair collision. passengers screaming. they all thought they were going to die. where it happened this time and what eesz being done about it. congestion, for it's smog.
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crisis in egypt this morning. deadly protest. the army pitted afwains the president and 48 hour deadline, much shorter now that could leave the country in complete chaos. we are live. deadly wildfires and tornadoes touching down. extreme weather across the country. is there any relief in sight? >> cover my mouth like this to keep me from breathing in the
2:31 am
smoke. >> that little boy is 7-year-old hero, he came to the rescue and saved his family from a fast-moving fire. it is a wonderful story. >> welcome back to "early start." i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm john berman. it's 5:30 in the east. thanks for being with us this morning. egypt is very much on edge. >> the military is not threatening a coup, but morsi has less than 48 hours. now, 24 hours to solve the growing political crisis there or the military will step in. president obama calling morsi on monday encouraging him to respond to the complaints of the egyptian people. the white house saying democracy is about more than elections. reza is joining us live in egypt. >> reporter: good morning, po y
2:32 am
poppy. egypt is shaping up for a dramatic 24 hours. it's hard to say what the next 24 hours is going to bring. there's all sorts of signals this country, believe it or not, is moving toward another revolution, the second in the past two and a half years. this is due in large part to the statement made by the military yesterday, giving all sides in this conflict 48 hours to fix things, to resolve this crisis. otherwise, the military says it's going to step in with a road map to move forward and the military saying it will supervise the implementation of that road map. it's not clear what that means, but now the two sides, the president and the islamic supporters, opposition and liberals have less than 24 hours to get together and resolve things, all sorts of pressure on the president. the opposition accused of hij k hijacking the revolution and pushing aside the moderates and liberals. what is he going to do? is he going to back down or dig
2:33 am
in and fight? poppy? >> what is that road map? what does it look like? anywhere you go or anything you read, there aren't details out there. is there any indication, we have 24 hours left, when we may hear more from the protesters and the military and what exactly they are demanding? >> reporter: lots of unknowns, poppy. that's what makes the next 24 hours so dramatic. if you go by the statement by the armed forces, if they are not satisfied by what the president, his government and the opposition does, they are going to step in and seemingly take over for some period of time, just like they did after the revolution in 2011 and they seem to say they have a road map to move forward, to continue the democratic transaction. this country, remarkably is on the verge, is pushing the reset button to the 2011 revolution.
2:34 am
>> absolutely. reza, appreciate it. thank you. 33 minutes after the hour. edward snowden, the nsa leaker is said to be at the moscow airport looking for a country to offer him asylum. he has withdrawn his request for russia to give him refuge and he's blasting the obama administration. vice president biden is pressuring companies to deny him asylum and the u.s. is using his own rights against him. i am convicted of nothing, it has revoked my passport leaving me a stateless person. without any judicial order, the administration now seeks to stop me exercising a basic right, a right that belongs to everybody, seeking asylum. wikileaks is working with 19 countries to offer him asylum. >> serious allegations.
2:35 am
the nsa bugged some of their offices. the head of the european union ordered a full security sweep of all eu buildings to check for evidence of that and they want an explanation from the u.s. government, secret documents published alleged that the united states put those devices, those tapping devices in eu buildings in washington, d.c., brussels and the united nations also saying that they hacked into eu computer networks. they thought they were going to die. a spirit airlines flight from detroit to dallas. it had to make a nose dive to avoid a plane. none of the passengers on board were injured. the two aircraft came within a mile and a half horizontally. a series of close calls led them to recommend new rules to
2:36 am
prevent planes from getting this close to each other in the air. same-sex couples now have new access to immigration rights. this morning, after homeland secretary janet napolitano says they will be treated the same when it comes to green card applications. it comes on the heels of the decision banning a lack of federal recognition of gay unions. under the defense of marriage act, same-sex couples were -- now, napolitano says they will treat legally married couples the same for visas, no matter what the sex. texas lawmakers are moving ahead to pass the toughest abortion restrictions. they were at the state capital as a special session got under way.
2:37 am
today, a commit fee will consider the bill. it will be required for abortions to be in medical centers. a woman blocked the bill in the state senate. this time, it's expected to pass during the special session. there's more triple digit heat on tap. can you believe it? today, forecasters extended heat warnings through the july 4th ol day for california, arizona and nevada. the hot conditions are an enemy of crews battling wildfires out west. death valley, just shy of 130 degrees today. in the desert southwest, june was the hottest month on record. >> the rain, which they could use out west is causing havoc here in the east. a storm system spawning tornado in new jersey. the national weather service confirming one touched down in
2:38 am
union county, new jersey, west of new york city. it brought down trees, power lines and damaged homes. no injuries reported. indra petersons is tracking it for us, making that face she's been making all morning. >> john is laughing as soon as we toss to me. not good news. yes, it is still raining. heavy from the midwest to northeast, down to the southeast in the last 24 hours. we have received four inches of rain. the pattern is not changing, thanks to a high pressure, believe it or not, sitting in the atlantic. winds go clock wise. why does it matter? >> depending on where the position of the high is, we see the rain. this is key. we have fourth of july and everyone wants to know if it's going to rain. the high pressure is closer to the coast. it brings it inland. we are going to monitor where the high goes the next several days. otherwise, the forecast today,
2:39 am
easy. rain. more rain and flooding. one to three inches in the northeast. a heavier rain to the southeast. two to four inches. here is the fourth of july forecast everyone has been wondering about. yes, it's going to be warm. as far as where the rain goes, we are going to have to closely monitor the position. it changes everything. there is one high we know where it is. it's to the west. the dome is going all the way up toward canada. those temperatures are soaring. there's summer heat and i don't know what the word is. 90. >> ridiculous. >> official. an official term. indra, thank you. >> elena kagan, big game hunter. the liberal leading supreme court justice told an audience this past weekend she took a trip last fall to wyoming to hunt. she did it with conservative justice, scalia. they shot birds together before, but this time was different.
2:40 am
>> he said to me, he said it's time for big game hunting. we actually went out to wyoming this past fall to shoot deer and antelope. and we did. i shot myself a deer. >> she's not very big, by the way. the deer and antelope much bigger than her. she said the public doesn't realize, there are friendships in the high court that reach across political lines. she knows hunting with scalia a few times a year. a shotgun must knock her back 12 feet. >> exactly. coming up, you have to stick around for this. this is a great story. unlikely hero, saving his family as fast moving flames spread through their home. you are going to hear from him in his own words, that's straight ahead. so... [ gasps ]
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a 7-year-old ohio boy is a big-time hero. he smelled smoke coming from the kitchen of his home. using the fire safety training he learned at school, he was able to alert his parents of the danger. >> i had to cover my mouth like this to keep me from breathing in the smoke. >> he crawled on his belly under the fire, through the smoke and that and came into our bedroom and woke us up so that i could get him and the kids out of the house. if he wouldn't have done that, we all would have choked out from the smoke. by the time i woke up, i was already starting to choke on it. he was my hero for the day. >> what a guy. the family of five escaped through a back window. they were taken to a local hospital to be treated for smoke inhilation. everyone is okay.
2:45 am
it's amazing, our kids know smch more than us because they train for it at school. >> more individual lent than we are. >> lelt's look at what's coming up on "new day" now. what's going on, guys. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> good to see you. george zimmerman, huge day in the trial. prosecution made their big decision to play the interview tape with zimmerman after the night of the crime. what did they get out of it? what did the defense get out of it? what happens today? we'll have our legal analyst go through it to set up the high marks of what is to come in this trial. >> imagine this. facing eight years in prison for a sarcastic and they would argue a joke made on facebook. that's what's happening to a 19-year-old after joking about a school shooting. his father is going to be joining us live to talk about the fight to free his son. this is a very, very tough
2:46 am
situation. >> i want you to look at this duck we have here, j.b. see this duck? >> see that? >> it's had serious, serious upgrading done. a prosthetic foot has changed the fate of this feathered friend. >> wow. >> an amazing story. ingenuity changing the life of this foul, creature, f-o-u-l. >> one lucky duck. >> i'm proud of you. >> thank you so much. >> we'll let you rest after that comment. you get one every few weeks. >> see you soon. coming up here on "early start," a stunning loss at wimbledon. serena williams, out. the bleacher report is breaking it down next. with the spark cash card
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so, last night all around major league baseball, the teams honored the 19 firefighters who lost their lives fighting the yarnell fire. andy has more. >> the tragedy in yarnell, arizona hit close to home for the diamondbacks. they play 85 miles away from where the 19 firefighters tragically lost their lives. they weren't playing at home,
2:50 am
they were playing the mets. a city that knows too well about fallen firefighters. they held a moment of ji lens. a jersey with the number 19 saying yarnell hung in each dugout. they wore black arm bands to support them. they are raising money for the fires. the bug continues to bite at wimbled wimbledon. serena williams lost in three sets to sabine lisicki. it ends her 34 match winning streak. >> i didn't play the good points good enough. i didn't do what i do best. i think i had a little hesitation. that explains it. >> serena's early exit leaves one american in the tournament. that is stevens.
2:51 am
she beat monica in three sets to reach the second final of the year. stevens is considered one of the sport's brightest stars. the washington nationals star, bryce harper made a return from the disabled list. he's been out since may 26th with a knee injury. gets a standing ovation. check this out. his first at bat, opposite field home run. that's how you return in style. >> bryce harper is good at baseball. >> he is. >> very, very good. no one left good playing tennis at wimbledon, but it's a different story. >> coming up, ready for an animal story? a baby gorilla finding a happy ending with a new mother. that story, straight ahead. want. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business?
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welcome back to "early start," everyone. here is a great story of adoption with a very happy ending. it involves humans and a 5-month-old ape. >> reporter: what mama could reject this? her real mom did. these humans at the cincinnati zoo took over. >> we stuck her on our backs. >> reporter: they are crawling around, giving her a bottle gorilla style wearing fake fur vests from a company called fabulous furs that normally advertises the wow factor for
2:56 am
humans. at least they didn't have to wear a bunny costume like anderson cooper did. >> i brought you presents. >> reporter: the bunny happens to be their favorite characters. they cling to the moms. the humans also had to speak gorilla with disciplinary coughs and soothing belches. >> when they are content this make this noise. >> reporter: when gladys was sassy or snippy, she got a warning. they exposed gladys, to clanging doors, the outdoor habitat. even a fake fur vested reporter. >> she just peed on me. >> reporter: they showered her with affection. they introduced her to the mesh
2:57 am
to four gorilla candidates. only one would take over as her surrogate mother. the winner was this gorilla, who had been an excellent mom to her own baby. this wasn't love at first sight. >> gladys got nervous at one point and bit her. she was very patient. >> reporter: after a week or so, she was carrying gladys around, grooming her, comforting her when she got upset. gladys probably doesn't appreciate being dragged out of a good nap. it's a one-way street. >> we don't take her back. she's in there for good. >> reporter: he'll miss holding her. >> gladys isn't our baby. gladys isn't our pet, she's a gorilla? will he miss dressing up like a gorilla? >> no, i do it every weekend.
2:58 am
>> i was just going to ask, how your, you know, how you could do that sound? >> i have a very good morning. i leave you with this sound. let's bring in "new day" anchors, chris and kate. >> i don't think we can beat that. >> that's what chris sounds like in the make up room. >> i wanted this moment to pass as quickly as possible. john honed it. >> who knew that was a word. >> who knew. >> you learn something new every day. >> we see you differently, i want you to know that. >> that's enough. >> have a good morning to you and poppy. sorry for that, poppy. good to see you. it's close to top of the hour. it's time for the top news. >> i think it's safe to say that our friends in china could make
2:59 am
a difference here. nsa leaker, edward snowden breaks his silence but can't seem to find a new home. is he boxed in? >> ultultimatum. the streets are exploding and we are live on the scene. fallen heroes. new details on the 19 men who lost their lives fighting the arizona wildfire. husbands, fathers, sons. their families speak out this morning. >> your "new day" starts right now. good morning and welcome to "new day." it is july 2nd, 6:00 in the east. >> i'm chris cuomo, joined by michaela. we have a lot to get to this morning, including what could have been the most important day
3:00 am
so far in the zimmerman trial. jurors got to hear him describing what happened that night. will he the day immediately after the incident before he had a lawyer so what do you think the jury thought about it? we'll break it down with our team of analysts, we have sunny hostin, vinnie politan, danny dr evallos and of course nancy grace. >> a powerful moment, two american presidents half a world away meeting in africa to remember the u.s. citizens who lost their lives in an attack 15 years ago. we'll go there live and much more from cnn's exclusive interview with former president george w. bush. a teen has been in jail for five months after he made a joke about a school shooting online. he was explicit that it was a joke so why is he still in jail? his father is live and will discuss that. >> interesting conversation kate will have, something's wrong, when does it become a


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